"What to call the thing that happened to me and all who look like me?
Should I call it history?
If so, what should history mean to someone like me?
Should it be an idea, should it be an open wound and each breath I take in and expel healing and opening the wound again and again, over and over, or…



Medieval Islamic Art

  1. Blue and White bowl, Iran, 13th century, fritware, painted in cobalt blue under a transparent glaze
  2. Capital, 10th century Spain, Madinat al-Zahra
  3. Qur’an Bifolio- Probably Tunisia, late 9th – early 10th century, vellum, ink, gold, silver, blue dye
  4. Casket, 13th century Mosul, decorated with polychrome lustre
  5. Chess pieces, quartz., 10th century, Fatimid period